Ronald Burgess (1923–2002) studied and taught economics for more than fifty years. Following in the footsteps of Alfred Marshall, John Maynard Keynes, Colin Clark, and many others, he brought together different aspects of his subject with clarity and insight. Listed here are the following:
– Two early publications by Colin Clark on economic potential – a method which later developed into gravity models.
– Four Research Papers by Ronald Burgess, published by the ESA between March 1968 and May 1976.
– Two further short Research Papers, both published in 1977.
– Four volumes under the general title of Public Finance.
– An early work by Ronald Burgess in response to the Beeching report.
– An updated version of Ronald Burgess’s book, Public Revenue Without Taxation.

Economic Potential

Industrial location and economic potential (July 1966)
Analysis of economic potential in the UK and its effect on the growth of manufacturing employment, expressed in the form of a contour map.
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Industrial location and economic potential in Western Europe (January 1969)
Extension of the analysis of economic potential to 103 regions across Western Europe, with a series of contour maps showing changes over time.
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ESA Research Papers

Enquiry into prices and incomes (March 1968)
An examination of the causes of inflation and the effectiveness of statutory controls of wages and prices. Prepared under the direction of Colin Clark, and with assistance from G. H. Peters, the Institute of Economic Affairs, and the Economic Research Council.
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Local government finance (January 1970)
A response to statutory proposals for the reform of local government in England and Wales, prepared with support from the Economic Research Council.
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Fanfare to action – Income distribution as a cause of inflation (January 1973)
An investigation of product shares in the national income and the effect of taxation. Produced with the assistance of Jack Wiseman at the Institue of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at the University of York, and the Trustees of the Wincott Foundation at the Institute of Economic Affairs.
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Social justice or unbridled government (May 1976)
A summary of the effects of taxation on unemployment and inflation.
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Full employment and public spending (August 1977)
A further analysis of the effect of high taxation on output, take home pay, profit and investment.
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The chance to change… towards an economic revival (September 1977)
Policy proposals for an immediate economic recovery, based on statistical analysis.
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Four volumes on Public Finance

Volume 1: Economics Now (1979-1980)
Ten seminars setting out an approach to macroeconomics with particular reference to government policy.
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Volume 2: Ten Public Talks (1980-1983)
A series of public lectures on topical issues such as monetarism, inflation, unemployment and taxation.
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Volume 3: Spatial and Normative Economics (1983-1984)
Original work on the relationship between the spatial aspects of macroeconomics and the role of the polity.
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Volume 4: Further Work (1971-1994)
A collection of essays and public talks on such topics as the relationship between employment and public spending in a period of rising inflation and recession, privatisation, local government finance, and the economic position of Greece within the European Union. Some of the public talks and research papers are also included in this volume.
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Practical economics

The Difficulties of the Railways (1962)
A report issued with the aim of influencing the Transport Act 1962, which set in motion the formation of the Brititish Railways Board. The Act of 1962 was followed by the ‘Beeching axe’, and a dramatic reduction in the size of the railway network. This report is the earliest available example of work by Ronald Burgess.
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Theory and practice

Public Revenue Without Taxation (1993)
The book Public Revenue Without Taxation was first published in 1993 with the support of the Economic Study Association. This second edition has been produced to mark the 30th anniversary of the original publication.
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